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pet derby fustration

Jul 05, 2009
so. today I went to play on the ranked pet derby. I am a pet commander and I am trying to become a warlord. I start racing with my fierce hound and there were some other decent pets in the race also. I start the race and I just zoom past everyone and they are all about 20 or so seconds behind me. I am a few steps from finishing my second lap and I realized that my laps were reset. I went from lap 2/2 back to 1/2 and I come minutes behind everyone and came in last place. I was very frustrated and angry about what had just happened. to make things worse, after the derby, a guy was saying about how bad I was for getting in last place minutes behind everyone. I am very aggravated by both the derby race and his remarks. I would like someone to explain why my lap was reset. it could either be a bug/ glitch or maybe a hack. I am considering to start playing another game until I understand why this has happened. thank you for your time if you have read this.

Sep 04, 2010
lots of derby glitches are going on (hey KI that means something might be wrong!)

Jul 05, 2009
I became a pet warlord on the same day of that first post, so it made my day a little better. (pst, KI, you should really check on your pet derbys. Some of them are messing up and making people lose ranks in ranked like me.) Hope you fix it- Malvin RedFist. (you can sometimes find me at house partys at my massive fantasy palace) :P