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pet costumes

Sep 25, 2011
it would be really cool if we could buy some outfits for or pets such as hats, shoes, shirt, etc. if we could this would let us express our pet and make our pets unique and stand out. also it would be cool for the clothes to give your pet boosts. such as maximum stat add ons and more likely to heal and stuff like that. if you have a question plz ask me and comment what you think

May 22, 2009
I would love to dress my pet.

LOL for the longest time i have been wanting to dress Trixie, my mustard troll, in a pink tutu in order to give her a more feminine look.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 90 Life
Hannah Legendstalker Level 90 Myth

Aug 20, 2010
That would be great, and so fun and cute, to dress our pets. I agree 100% of the cothing for pets, I would love to make my Emberstone Tiger even cuter ( if possible). And for the stats and healing and such, I am not sure if that could fit into the game, stats is well, okay, but healing definitely a no. That would be way too powerful.

Jun 11, 2012
I think this is a great idea! Would the clothes cost gold or crowns?

Hunter Griffinsword
Promethean Thaumaturge