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Pet controls, training & assistance

Apr 25, 2010
Are there any future plans for a pet control hud where the player can assign combat, feeding, resting etc, like in other games? And maybe even assign points to skills during training? When I first saw the announcement of advanced pets I assumed we would now be able to control our pets in combat and have them assist us like a henchman would.

The whole casual game pet arena is a real disappointment to me as I was expecting something entirely different. Using casual mini games as a way to replenish potions is a fairly innovative, non-punishing process, but orienting the whole pet lifestyle around them devalues the game for me.

Jul 04, 2009
It is your own fault for making an assumption. And you had plenty of opportunities to download the test realm and see for yourself how it was going to be.

My question for is: Why would KI want to do something in the same why that everyone else is doing it?

Apr 25, 2010
The question was: Are there any future plans regarding pet controls and combat. Many game developers implement features in stages. The answer would likely be yes, no, or a combination of sorts. I respect whatever answer they have. It's not about fault. It's about personal preference. I'm not a big fan of casual mini-games, but I do enjoy the depth of play in Wizards overall.

I played on the test realm and found it not to be as I'd hoped. Leveling a pet in combat would be more fun for me than playing casual mini games, as I'm sure many gamers (the not so casual type) would agree. If leveling a pet relies more on playing casual mini games, then that is part of the game I will ignore, except on a whim, and concentrate on the aspects I do enjoy, specifically the strategy of combat.

Wizards is fun, obviously, as I've spent a lot of time and money learning and playing. There is much about the pet aspect I enjoy such as how my first pets are now place-able in my home and come to great me after a hard day of combat.