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Newbie Death Pet

Mar 04, 2009
Hello, I'm trying to figure out my situation pet-wise. I'm a level 26 death wizard, and while I know I'm a bit low level, I've heard that pets can greatly speed up the leveling process. As it is, I'm two-hitting most mobs, and have no aoe spells, and won't have an aoe spell until level 48. As it is I'm wondering: is it possible/realistic for me to get an aoe ability on my pet? If so, what's the easiest/most cost-effective way to do so? Am I too low level to get the gold to hatch pets? Is it even worth it to invest that gold?

I've heard that the gloomy eye pet is a good way to get an aoe spell, is that true? And if so, do I just hatch whatever I have against gloomy eye until I get something that appears decent? Any advice/help here would be great

Jul 26, 2010