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Need help finding a good fire pet.

Dec 14, 2009
I can't seem to find any reasonable suggestions for pets that have good damaging stats or am I misunderstanding how pets work with damage and crits? I'm a level 35 Fire Wizard looking for a long-term pet.

May 09, 2015
Starting a new pet from scratch can be a bit tough. I'd suggest finding any fire pet that gives a fire blade card in the kiosk, and starting from there.

There's an advanced search function that lets you search for specific talents in the kiosk.

For a good base fire pet, you should probably look up Spell-Proof, and Fire-Dealer.

The value of the attributes correlate to the max stat each talent gives. (255, 250, 260, 260, 250 is max stats).
Fire-Dealer with max stats gives 10% fire damage, while if your stats are a bit below(around 245), you'll only receive
9% fire damage.

There's a lot of good pet guides on youtube you can find.

For the 5 ideal talents on your pet for questing and in most situations, I'd look for Fire-Dealer, Fire-Giver, Pain-Giver, Spell-Proof, and Spell-Defy. (These talents together will give you 22% fire damage, and 15% global resist).

Hopefully this helps