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my kraken pet... is sick!

Sep 29, 2012
Mr ThunderPants on Apr 6, 2013 wrote:
i.was looking at my kraken pet the other day and i noticed that it had a little cold it would sneeze and then wipe.its nose so post other funny things that your pet does
Well, like the w101 staff say, they said that if you try "Dancing" or "Clapping" in kid chat mode, you can make your pets trigger actions. in both those actions your pet will start to dance as well, and be happy. if you try being sad or scolding a lot, your pets will react in an "Unhappy" reaction. And if you have pets in your dorm, or castle, you can sometimes notice your pets will walk up to you, and stare at you....yes a little greeting they have, and if you try dancing and scolding in the dorm or castle, when near them, they will trigger that reaction. also pets react as well in pvp, if you lose they are sad, mostly having their heads down or.....well i guess having heads down is the only reaction i have seen pets have when they are sad.

but yeah, pets ARE interesting in every way, and talent. ya never know!

The "Sneezing" thing i guess might be because your pet is triggering a reaction from not having very much food/snacks. unless you DO give it a lot of food/snacks, i guess it's just lonely, as for, you can probably imagine that they would be blowing on a tissue, or SOMETHING, and sort of i guess in some ways it can be a "Sad" Reaction. yeah, really i guess that's all i have for now.... LOL

~Nora Night Master Thaumaturge.

Nov 07, 2012
well when every I am out with my two headed dog who I , it's always biting something and I don't know what

then when I am in water my life Cyclops is hammering the water while he swims

is that weird or just plain normal?

Jasmine Earth Walker level 44

see ya in the game

Apr 22, 2012
Lol my Nutcracker will salute when i get hit or healed or when i hit someone xD

Apr 21, 2011
My Judgement Pet will weigh imaginary things on her scales!

Kelsey Sunpetal Level 65

Nov 16, 2012
My pet wraith is playing his imaginary piano :D my kraken also does that.

Mar 05, 2013
My Sprite pet claps her hands when I cast a successful attack spell, and ducks when I'm being attacked lol.

Jan 20, 2012
My cyclops flexes all the time(all 3 of them and my life cylops does too)i mean it! they always do it and then look at there arms,then look around and do it again!My cyclops are soo weirdand my pet cub always dances on his little hemet its soooo cute
But I still all my pets

Laura wildsinger level 21
pet: Sir elvis-polar bear cub

May 21, 2010
Wondering why my Burning pixie Sems to do loop de loops

Sep 12, 2009
My hawk will just be flying nest to me while I'm walking or in a battle, then it be all I just got healed action and do this weird thing with it's wings. It's actually pretty funny.

Sep 09, 2012
Lunar238 on Jun 20, 2013 wrote:
My ice beast Luna who i very much is lazy as a sleeping wolf.She is always curling up and taking napsIs that normal

Nicole lvl21
Um wolves don't sleep like a baby and my minotaur does ballet, apparently.
Emma Emeraldsword lvl 54 , deafeting malietaire TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! August 15

Dec 12, 2011
Haha, the satyr pets also drive me crazy, they keep dancing and dancing and they won't stop.

Jun 05, 2011
The scorpion wants to become as flat as a piece of paper...

Mar 13, 2012
A few words;
Baby. Bear. Spins. On. Helemet. Making. Me. Want. to. Hug. Him. To. Death.

Jun 02, 2013
Here's a few:

1. My Goat Monk pet often looks at my other pets, the walks away. Jealous?
2. My Ice Salamander claps in joy over everything
3. My Bloodbat tends to do.. odd things...
4. My Golden Piggle likes getting dizzy....
5. My Brass Golem likes to run out of my pet spot in my house and 'guard' my Spiral Cup.
6. My Cat Thug likes to just stand there and look strong all day.
7. My Firecat and Heck Hound seem to not like each other.
8. My Sturdy Wildclaw looks like it has rabies... all the time... it's creepy.
9. My two cyclopses ( Wildwood and Blue) do... well you know.
10. My Leprechaun pet ( dropped by the Jade Oni ) hasn't hatched yet.. but it'll be annoying. I just know it.

I guess that wasn't really a few.. oh well. Happy Spellcasting!

Oct 04, 2009
mu salamander does... nothing but my wood golem spins his stick =Justin level 18 wizard and the wood golem level ancient

Oct 04, 2009
and my pet egg (from easter) shakes his butt at me some pets kinda rude

Jun 26, 2009
Huh my mummy cat always stretches. really odd for a dead cat, really

Ice Wizard Donna Seablossom

Nov 05, 2011
Aug 24, 2013
My dragon every once in a while does a flip

Dec 26, 2010
minecraftcutiegirl... on Apr 7, 2013 wrote:
Lets see...... Oh! My Firezilla pet will cough then stomp idk why
he does not cough he will roar and then stomp then in the spell roar again and then it hurts you. not hard.

Nov 05, 2011
My dragon sneezes and looks like he has a cold.
I wonder if he needs a flu shot?

Sep 07, 2013

1. My Ice Serpent, Madame Shadow will always slither in circles and bob her head around, as if she's dancing to imaginary music.
2. My Black Widow spider, Prince Sammy will nibble on his foot, then run in circles.
I'll post more when I train my other pets!

Nov 05, 2011
My ninja pig is over weight
My heck hound thinks he is bigger then me
My evil sandman thinks he is the most wanted
My blue cyclops is mentally crazy (he keeps hammering his hand)
My other dragon does the macaraina
My snow. Beast asks for permission to fall asleep.

Jul 04, 2012
My pets hat always falls on it head. it sneezes, too

Jan 29, 2011
my pet spider once looked at me then roll over....
then my golden piggle, not a regular one, spins around in battle at random times then goes to the ground and sits and flies back up.

quote if this has also happened to you.

i have 6 wizards, but here is my life:

Jessica Fairy
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