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Mega Trains - Are they worth it? A suggestion.

Mar 18, 2013
Love hatching.

Love collecting a variety of pets for various reasons.

Enjoy training my pet and wondering what it will get.

Am even ok with farming or gardening a large number of pet snacks (and buying a seriously large number of mega snacks).

What I can no longer countenance is the seemingly futile waste of effort, money and time that I spend to get a pet from Epic to Mega, only to (consistently) receive either a selfish or common train result for the greatest amount of effort.

It is my opinion (and I am asking for yours), that if KingsIsle wants to see a marked increase in the sale of mega snacks they should edit the code for the mega pet train so that it only has the options of the skill pool for the highest skills available on that pet.


For example:

If a pet has ten skill slots, with 3 being common, 3 rare 1 ultra rare and 3 epic, for the first four trains (Teen, Adult, Ancient and Epic), a pet would be subject to a random skill from any of the available skill levels.

But once the pet has reached Epic and begins to train towards Mega, that would change.

If the above pet had trained 3 rare and 1 ultra rare getting to Epic, then the final train should only be an Epic (or possibly Ultra Rare at the very least). Common should not be an option.

Now if the pet had 6 common, 2 uncommon and 2 rare and both the uncommon and rare were used up, then you would logically know that the pet would receive a common talent or skill for its final train.


If a wizard knows that they have an increased chance at the best of the pets skills, they would be more inclined to train their pets to the max level. Given the impatient nature of human beings, I would expect a significant increase in the sale of mega snack packs if this change were to be made.

U have seen other suggestions that (frankly) were not well thought out from a business point of view (i.e. A suggestion being to KingsIsle AND customer's benefit)

I honestly feel that this is more of a win-win scenario. Pet-hatchers can receive a small about of comfort knowing their times is not being wasted and KingsIsle would see an increase in revenue. I do not foresee this making pets unbalanced in any way, as we are talking about ensuring that only ONE train (the one you invest the most money and effort into) is guaranteed to be good.

OK --- the floor is open for discussion - could I please get some other people's feedback on this suggestion?

(Hopefully if we keep it civil, KI may sit up and take notice that there are a fair number of people out there running up against this issue.)

Sep 07, 2011
Hatch the commons and selfish out before you train past adult. If they aren't there, you can't get them.

Jun 19, 2010
Yes, it's worth training pets up to mega level.

I've been regularly hatching and training pets for years.
I have 5 pages of pets on one wizard: 9 mega, 4 epic, 9 ancient, 14 adult pets, and many more at multiple houses.

I continue to hatch with other players, and use mega snacks to train some pets over other ones. Little by little, I'm getting all my pets trained up to mega. Not because I have to; but because I want too.

Facts about hatched pets:
  • Pets get 10 talents
  • 5 talents come from each parent
  • Pet talents are already set once a pet is hatch
  • It costs gold to hatch
  • Its easy to hatch and re-hatch pets
  • Feeding your pet mega snacks speeds up leveling your pet
  • Its not uncommon to stop training or delete pets that do not receive desired talent
There are two ways to enhance Wizard 101 pet training:

1. Allow players to know in advance what talents pets receive at every level.
Knowing what talents pets have or get, simply adjusts how pets are trained and hatched.

The weak argument that KI will lose money by letting players know their pet powers in advance; is unfounded.

I've been regularly buying and use mega snack packs since they've been available, because I can afford them; and because its faster to train pets using them. And I will continue to buy and use mega snack, regardless of knowing in advance what all pet talents are; or not.

2. Automate pet training

  • Have pets gain experience when used in battle
  • Be able to send them away to be trained
My son plays Pirates 101 (P101), and he told me companions gain experience when used, and can also be sent out for tasks to earn gold, equipment, pet snacks and experience for other companions.

While pets and companions may be different; the ability to automate training exists, and can seamlessly be incorporated into Wizard 101.

Pets enhance game play. You don't have to train them to mega; but you can. What will be most interesting is seeing and experiencing how pet training continues to evolves over time.

Sep 17, 2012
Hatch the selfish talents out of your pets before going past adult. You'll save a fortune on snacks and get better pets. Yes it takes a lot of work, but it's worth it in the end. And no I don't think there should be set levels for certain talent types. On some pets the final talent needed might not be Epic or Ultra-Rare. I have gotten the final talent in some "perfect pets" like Fairy Friend or Spell Defy at Mega, other times at Teen. But doing it your way, I could never have gotten many of my pets. Epic talents are not always the desired outcome, many Epic talents are very useless. There are a lot of good Rare and Uncommon talents that would be bypassed by your "fix".

Sep 01, 2009
I currently have a Mega Rescue Rover, and it took almost a month to achieve that rank. It may cast Unicorn, adds global resist, accuracy and power, gives me 3 attack cards and one defensive card. At the moment, I am training an Epic RR up to Mega, and have hatched out the selfish talents. It's my sincere hope this RR gains either may cast Sprite or Fairy once he reaches Mega. And I am guessing this will also take awhile.

For me, it's worth it. I garden, and gain mega snacks from that. I also farm Waterworks when I am really bored, and have picked up mega snacks in there, as well. I agree with the post about other ways to train your pet, ie: gaining experience during battle, or performing tasks. That would add a really interesting twist to pets.