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May Cast

Jan 03, 2021
So I just got my Scaly Frillasaur to Ancient, and I was wondering when or if it will get a May Cast talent. I am in Dragonspyre, so maybe that has to do with it, but I see a lot of pets May Cast Furnace, or Brace for example, but my pet only gives me 2 spells to my deck. Do I have to enter Celestia first? I have also seen pets at Adult with May Cast, so does it have to do with luck? Like If i'm lucky enough to get a May Cast as a talent?

Anways, Thanks-

Miguel Flower, Level 40 Life Wizard

Sep 07, 2011
I don't think first generation Scally Frillasaurs have any may-cast talents, so it won't, unless it was hatched from a parent that had them. May-casts, like all pet talents, are unlocked by training, but determined by ancestry.

Sep 26, 2012
yes, its a talent. you have to get it through training and if it doesnt appear as you level a pet, you do not get it. its different than the spells it gives. certain may casts, like a combat power will have to be unlocked if you get them.

Sep 14, 2016
Ok Maycast is a talent your pet gives you, there the ones that your pet deals after a trigger. Healing Maycast mainly trigger after you or one of your friends take damage. other maycast like shields or aura happen after you do some kind of spell or charm (Blade). There is not a percentages for the maycast is random so dont feel bad if it does not happen to you. But there is one thing to know, Maycast only works AFTER a trigger if you have a maycast on your wand the trigger is a wand attack.

Lvl 103 Storm Wizard101
Adam Dark