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life pets

Jan 01, 2014
I have been wondering if life wizards get more pets since they like nature. I know they get 3 life specific pets: saytr, forest lord, and gnome.

Wolf Unicorn rider

May 12, 2009
I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about, but I'll address two sides.

1) Drops. Drops are random for every wizard of every school. Someone may be having a bad luck streak on drops from monsters, but that's all it is, luck.

2) The three pets you mentioned (Satyr, Forest Lord, and Gnome), are all part of a level quest:
  • Satyr is the level 48 pet for Life, but Fire Wizards get Helephant at that level, Myths get Orthrus, and so on.
  • Forest Lord is the level 58 pet for Life, and again, other schools receive pets at the same level. For example: Ice get the Ice Wyvern, Death get the Scarecrow.
  • Gnomes is the level 78 pet for Life. And I state this once more, all other schools receive a pet. Now, for examples! Storm Wizards receive a Triton, and Balance receives the Chimera.

I hope this helped!

Best of luck!

~Shannon Skybreaker

Jan 01, 2014

wolf unicorn rider
magus wiz
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