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Hybrid pets?

Feb 02, 2009
I've seen so many pets that almost looked mixed with another pet. Are these pets hybrids? Or are they just rare pets to be found? And if they are rare, where do you find them? So many questions but so little answers!

Apr 12, 2011
They are hybrids meaning two pets that are mixed together. For example: A hydra and a wraith together makes a darkreaver. Its a type of hydra fused with the element of death from the wraith. So they are not to be found but if you have the right pet then you will get the hybrid but it takes patience and many trys because the chances of getting a hybrid is hard but just keep trying and it might happen one day :D Like i have a firebat, i mix a firecat with a bloodbat and got the firebat i was surprise because i didnt know these pets can mix too :D So just keep trying it might work out for you soon

Jasmine RoseGem Grandmaster Pyromancer

Feb 02, 2009
thank you so much! i was wondering about this for so long, and finally i got the answer! Again, thank you. :D :D :D