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healing pet experts help me with a "FLUSH" pet plz

Jul 20, 2012
hey there, I was just wondering if someone with great experience with hatching pets that learn may cast heal talents could help me to the point where I have a pet that has: "F.L.U.S.H."; (may cast fairy, lifebat, unicorn, sprite, and healing current) please?
and having a pet that can learn ALL 5 may cast heals is possible; just tough to acquire and would take a while.

I like, hardly ever see pets with these talents all together, (btw, the looks don't matter to me, just the talents, sometimes looks can go good with talents though) and I do also have a screenshot of someone's pet with all of these on it.

I have tried to hatch my pets together with ones that has 2 different heals on it, to try to mix them up together in a pool to have multiple may cast heal talents, then to hatch more and more as I see the talents they have on their table, I train the new ones to adult to see what they would get at teen and adult. it now has got to the point where I am stuck in a bind with a sticky talent lol, that one is damage, (pain-giver, or pain-dealer) and I don't seem to have other pets that don't have damage with them trained/hidden.

if I could have help getting a pet with those talents, it would ease my mind on such a desire of wanting that kind of pet. if I ever were to obtain a pet like this, I would be able to help others with the pet of those talents.
i couldn't explain how excited i would be to have a pet with all 5 may cast healing talents .
[this is a goal i wish to complete]. thank you to anyone who would help me to the point of obtaining this kind of pet.

ALSO... if all the talents seem too stressful, maybe the help of 4 of them on a pet would seem a bit easier than 5, if that's okay.