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Hatching Question w/ Locked Talents

May 22, 2010
The Wiz101 update in April clarified that once your wizard unlocks a manifested Locked Talent, you can obtain that talent in an unlocked state from a hatch, or you can obtain that talent in a locked state from a hatch if you are a different wizard.

But what if you hatch with another wizard which has a Locked Talent that is still locked? Do you have any chance of obtaining that Locked Talent in a hatch, or does the other pet need to have unlocked the manifested Locked Talent to have any chance of passing it down to a hatch with another wizard?

For example, I'm trying to hatch with other pets in kiosk which have not always unlocked the combat talent that I want, but the pet still manifested that combat talent. Would I still have a chance of obtaining that combat talent in a hatch?

Sep 07, 2011
It's all about the pet you have, not about character.

If you have a pet with the talent unlocked, and use THAT pet in the hatch, the talent slot will be unlocked on your new pet (if you get it),

If you use a pet that isn't unlocked or doesn't have the talent, it will be locked if you get it from another player.. The status of the other player's pet doesn't matter. YOUR parent pet is the key.

If you self-hatch, it will be unlocked if one or both parents are unlocked, but locked if both parents are locked.

Sep 07, 2011
Locked or unlocked makes no difference to the talent passing in hatches, so yes, you can get a talent from the Kiosk or from another player even if it is locked.