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Frustration sets in

Feb 26, 2012
I have been trying for years, literally, to hatch pets for my characters that have all the traits I want. I have produced many, many pets, and every time, unwanted traits show up during training. I have some decent pets, but not yet the pet that I have been trying to get.

It would be nice if there were fewer useless and selfish traits in the gene pool. There comes a point when it just gets old, doing the same darn games over and over and over again, only to have unwanted traits show up. Wasted gold, wasted time.

Sorry just to rant, but frustration hit after the last trait showed up last time I trained, and another pet failed. Pet talents are too random. Chances of success are too slim, and too time-consuming, with mind-numbing repetitiveness in the games.

Thinking about going back to the hatchery and starting over again, I realize I am just plain tired of it. I don't want to have to make perfect pets and get perfect gear to be able to tackle the harder challenges of this game anymore. I miss the good old days when the game was light and fun.

Of course, I don't "have" to do it. But not doing it means frustration dealing with the challenges of higher-level bosses and dungeons and such with inadequate resources. Again, frustration.

Ah, well, ranting done. I am guessing others have felt this way at times too, so it is worth posting. Sometimes a person just needs to get stuff out so they can move on to other things...

Dec 14, 2009
Many recognize, and feel your pain. There are several current suggestions addressing this issue. It has been talked about for a long time.

Jun 02, 2013
Hello Finn,

I understand your frustration. I am still learning new things when hatching new pets. I am now able to guess which lower-valued, and undesirable Talents are still in my pet's list after hatching based on the current Pet screen(s), and using Wizard101 Wiki's Pet Talent listings for comparison. I have a feeling the new proposed Pet screens will hinder my ability to guess.

When I hatch a Pet with a good Pedigree (70+), good base statistics, and 7/10 Talents at Ultra-Rare or better, I think my odds are good that I'll get some boosts to Damage, Accuracy, Resists, and maybe an extra Blade, but there's that one or more undesirable Talent that remain and, it is quite often, the one that manifests during Training .

I have definitely sold more unwanted Pets than I have kept...by far. The Pets I have chosen to use for my wizards aren't stellar, but offer decent benefits with my (PVE) play style.

The fact that I'm somewhat of an Alt-o-holic, and attempting to hatch decent Pets for each wizard doesn't help my frustration .

Best of luck to you,

Lincoln Realm
Gabriel 100
Michael 88
and then some