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Attempt to Point out Issue with Pet Breed

Dec 20, 2009
There is no Price field if you are trying to breed a pet to inform you of how much it would cost to breed with that owner's pet. I do not have two adult pets yet, so I do not know if it works if the two pets are owned by you yet. Instead I get a "you only have 4k gold" message. By what I am reading here, that is nowhere NEAR enough to breed a pet, even if it is a not so good pet. I have no idea how far off I am from being able to breed my Firecat. Waste of time since I do not know what my gold goal needs to be to be able to get an egg. Still cannot place why a pet would cost more than a house. Not sure if Wizards thought this through.

May 01, 2010
I agree, this is a HUGE oversight!

I hatched a pet from two Grand wizards, and it was a nightmare. I walked in with 80,000 and got the "Not enough gold" message. I searched high and low for a price. None was given. Very frustrating. So, I went out and battled for an hour. Came back with 90,000. Still not enough. Etc, etc...

I thought it was FANTASTIC that Wizard101 had a test realm. I was SURE that the transition to the new Pet system would be wonderful. I've never been so wrong in all my life!