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Arcticzilla Pet?

Sep 02, 2012
Again, I've been playing Wizard101 for quite a while now. I know how there is a Flamezilla pet, with a Firezilla card that you can get at Best Buy or wherever you live at. Since there is a Flamezilla pet with a Firezilla card, I think it would be pretty awesome if they did the same with the Arcticzilla, it could have a Arcticzilla card with it too. Even though I state myself as a Storm, my very first Wizard was actually a Ice. Instead of making this Arcticzilla a Storm pet, make it Ice, I've seen a Frostzilla pet, even though it looked like an Ice pet, it was Storm, and it came with a Stormzilla card. I don't like this, so I wanna see a separate Arcticzilla pet with a Arcticzilla Card. The only pet that has a Arcticzilla card is the Spectre Lord, but the pet it self looks nothing like a Arcticzilla. In fact, you guys can do this idea similar with the Storm Beetle one, where someone sells Items and Pets for a event on a limited time. I hope Kingsisle likes this idea. Fred the Diviner Level 113 Prodigious Diviner Polaris, Ian IceBreeze Level 43 Master Ice Dragonspyre.