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Any Pet Can Be Perfect??

May 12, 2009
Hey Guys and Gals,

I have a question about pets training, specifically about what to do if I want a certain pet to have certain talents.

I have acquired a Snapp Gryphon and it is the perfect pet for my Balance (the cards it gives). Now the talents are meh and not exactly what im looking for, so do I need to just hatch continuously with another pet that has the talents I want until I get a pet that is a Snappy Gryphon AND has the talents I want??


Jun 18, 2009
Essentially yeah, every time you hatch with another pet half the talents are taken from your pet and the other half are take from their pet to give you a new pet with new set of talents, from there you train that pet and if it gets a talent you don't want you hatch it again, this can take a very long time if your unlucky on what talents get unlocked from leveling up a pet. Just remember to use the newest generation pet to hatch every time.

Few other things to keep in mind, hatching with a different type of pet has a chance to get that type instead of your Snapp Gryphon so try and only hatch with Snapp Gryphon if possible (may not be achievable if you can't find a Snapp Gryphon with the right talents) and the other thing is the stats on the pet itself, this can be important for really maximising pet talents.