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Abilities not from parent pets?

May 31, 2009
So i hear that pet skills/abilities come from the parents they hatch from. At least the list of potential skills should be a mixture from both parents.

However I know this is not always the case and a pet can recieve a skill that neither parent could ever have manifested.

Case and point: my Skeletal Worrior and Crabling hatch. Neither of these have an uncommon ability (1-point ability). However the hatch produced a crabling with an uncommon ability. I have no idea where this came from. Maybe he's a mutant

Does every hatch have a chance of producing something neither of the parents have?

Based on this it seems possible for my helephant and stormzilla to hatch a pet with cold resist or death accuarcy.

Has anyone else noticed this or recieved a skill that could not possibly have come from the parents?

Thanks Dustin