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A little question

Nov 27, 2011
Hello! So I hatched a new aqua dragon, the owner of the aqua dragon pet had unicorn, sprite and defy. I hatched an ice wyvern with ice blade, snow shield, sprite, and some ice resistance, but the problem is that i trained my dragon to adult and it got ice blade, I don't want that cause I'm training that pet for my death wizard, so I stopped training it and I hatched again my dragon with an adult Trojan horse with unicorn, so my questions are, will it get iceblade again? And, if I hatch an ice pet, with another ice, will I get more ice things?
Richard FrostBreeze level 77
Brahm NightShade level 26

Apr 01, 2012
The iceblade was just a chance thing that you got that the Aqua dragon CAN have when you train it, Yes, it may get Iceblade again, it's a higher percent chance though now because you hatched the IceBlade talent Aqua dragon. I hope this helped answer your Q. :3

~Luke NightTalon lvl 71