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80000 for the hatching process. Too expensive

May 05, 2010
The pricing is fine by me. No one here complaining would last long in end game in WoW. Some of the end game items are 20-30k gold to make. This doesn't take into account the hours of farming for the recipes in the first place.

If pets, especially rare pets, were cheap, you would all be here complaining that your rare pet isn't rare enough. Who knows, KI might have Celestria planned to drop more gold than we would know what to do with. Even if it ends up being a long process per pet still, do you have more pride for being 1 of the 100 people having this rare pet or 1 of 10000 people with this pet.

I've been playing MMOs for over 10 year (started with Ultima). Players complain one way and, when changed, complain that the change was too drastic and whatever they had is worthless now. Enjoy things you have here and the time it takes.

May 05, 2010
ezmrelda3 wrote:
Gree1 wrote:
i think it should be-

2 babies-10,000

yeah like still way too expensive!

You realize that if it was this low or lower, rare pets would be common? Someone with 300000 gold breeds 6 epics this way rather than 2-3 the other way? That epic you have all of a sudden isn't so epic.

Aug 04, 2009
not even i like that idea.. that is a good amount

May 02, 2010
You can get some very unique and sometimes very strong spells from pets so the cost is more than fair. Also consider the addition turning these spells into treasure cards. This expense is designed to limit the speed at which the spells would proliferate and encourage the seeking of pet drops.

Feb 25, 2010

I just sold my house and most of its contents to buy pet food. I got very little for all that I sold. I personally think that pet food is WAY too expensive, and the sale price of your house and belongings is ridiculous when you get so little back. I also think that the hatchery is too expensive.

As far as the warehouse you have to beat in Marleybone to access the new world, it is way too difficult for children to do. At this rate, only adults or kids who had adults help them will be able to access celestia.