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Triton pet

May 31, 2009
My storm just got his triton pet, as usual the statistics looked good but the results from training is disapointing. With what looks to be good potential, turns out to be no more than false hope. From the triton pet I am getting shields and pips., I have this on my other pets. Some I deleted at this point because they showed weakness in traits. What is my goal in Traits?
I think all pets should give you three things you need in a fight.
Damage, Pips, and something in the way of enhancement Like Blades or increase in damage.. I have shields, I have all the shields I need, I dont need my pet to give up a trait for shields.
I have one pet gives me a Balance blade, Storm Blade and Damage, plus shields. This is all I need in a fight. Sure Healing is good to, But If you play smart and use your given powers you wont need healing, you be out before they knew what killed them. Besides healing pets are for players that usually play alone. They dont have fellow players to heal for them. I have a life and storm on two accounts and this is why Game made a Life was to heal.
My life seldom hits, his job is to heal and storm job is to kill. His job is easier with a pet giving him what he needs.
The triton pet I got is disapointing in traits he is giving, I have better pets at a lower levels. I will hatch this pet once and if hatchling doesnt show better results they all get deleted.