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New level 98 pets

Mar 30, 2009
In the next world (Pteolomeos or how ever you spell it) i dont think you will fight morganthe in the world after that i think you will so i think there should be level 98 pets

Storm: The blond hair sirens
Ice: Snow angel pet
Fire: A tiki-tiki guy from Rain of fire (looks like tupa-tua)
Death: Dr. vons monster (His monster not Katsenstien)
Myth: Medusa pet
Balance: Ra pet
Life: Centaur pet (Not sure about life one i will come up with one soon though)

Those are my idea of pets i dont think all of them is the best idea but tell me what you think of them CYA :D

Dec 11, 2011
Great ideas! However, can we work on the lvl 80-90 spells and pets first? LOL. Maybe those for lvl 88?