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Critical Striker Talent

Feb 13, 2012
So far, the wiki doesn't have a calculation for the critical striker talent. It's been updated from +1 to +27 critical strike but the max is unknown. We also don't know which attributes contribute to the calculation (aside from power of course) or the divisor. More data is needed.

If your pet (any pet) receives the critical strike talent, PLEASE post:

1) the critical strike points you received (1 - 27 or higher).
2) the points TRAINED for each of your attributes at the exact moment you receive the talent. For the calculation, it doesn't matter what your pet's potential attributes are, only what is actually trained. For example, your pet may have 200 strength, but you got the talent at teen and only trained 50 strength. We need to know the 50, not the 200.

Thanks much for your help fellow pet lovers!

Feb 26, 2012
Well, I just got approved yesterday for the boards so a little late to fully help.

Baby Kitty (real world cat is Mon Petit, French for "my little one" as her real name of Little Bit was lame) got critical striker as her first talent. She now has max stats for each category and got a +25 to agility (dogged) and is a mega pet with critical striker (+23), stormclaw, add health (+59), and storm dealer (+7%).

I saw what you did on Wizard Wiki, BTW "add health" is right after critical striker and "dogged" follows that to fill in their holes on the page, so imagine you would need all the stat enhancing talents plus the critical striker and stormclaw (I believe these are mandatory - thank you!) to get the +27. Hope that helps some!

Baby Kitty/Mon Petit:

Strength: 210
Intellect: 195
Agility: 230
Will: 165
Power: 190

Talents in 3, 5, 6, 7, and 10 positions.