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Brave Hound

Mar 05, 2011
Brave Hound
I keep seeing people in the game with a Brave Hound. It looks just like a Fierce Hound only it is black and white. I have looked everywhere I can think of online and I can't find any information about it. Anyone know what the source of this pet is? Thanks :-)

Jul 09, 2011
Re: Brave Hound
I've looked all over the Internet for this Brave Hound and have found nothing even relating to a brave hound. It could have been a different type of hound just dyed differently though

May 17, 2009
Re: Brave Hound
There is a Brave Hound, and I have a couple of them. Brave Hound hatches as a Black / Yellow hound and the Yellow can be dyed Light Green, Light Purple, or White. As far as I know, Brave Hound is NOT a gift card pet. All gift card pets come with a card, and Brave Hound does Not. I have searched all over for where this pet came from since I got mine in a hatch with another Brave Hound. I can't find any information on this mystery pet's origination. Central, Wiki, and Petnome all come up empty.

Maybe someone from KI can help solve the Brave Hound mystery? I really love my hound and wish i knew where it came from.