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Who has finished Mooshu?

Dec 14, 2008
Aug 16, 2008
This is a little embarassing, but I finished MooShu pretty late Back when I was working on the Tomb of Storms. I was wondering when I was going to get access to Marleybone. Then I did a quest when I was a lvl 34 and look at me now.
A sword from Ivan Soulsinger...
Clothes from Dragonspyre...
I'm now a lvl 46 who is currently working on The Crucible in Dragonspyre.

BTW, this message was edited because I spelled "working" wrong. Oopsies me

Don't worry Olivia StarRider, you'll get to be a master soon. I was yearning (wanting badly) for a sword from MooShu or DragonSyre and like I said, I got a sword from Ivan SoulSinger If I could do it, you could do it ;)

Dec 13, 2008
Oct 17, 2008
Just beat MooShu a few days ago. I'm Sierra Winterbreeze, level 42 Ice/Death Thaumaturge. Had some trouble with Death Oni, but other than that it was easy. I even discovered I had enough gold to buy the Jade Oni pet in Dragonspyre. I named him Lord Zues. Still need to find the clams though. They are much harder to find than cats and beetles and smiths. Any pointers? I've only found two.

Nov 04, 2008
Hey Christopher Battlesword here i have beaten mooshu for a long time and sierra next time i'm online i'll help you with the oysters :D

Nov 02, 2008
annabell99 wrote:
Hello everyone., it is me Olivia Starrider.
I was wondering that since Dragonspyre is coming out soon
and i completed Mooshu so i am having a line up

Whoever completed Mooshu here please respond and write the lvl,
and your Wizard name. Hope a lot of names come here.

Olivia Starrider,
Magus Wizard level 39. - wants to be 40 so badly :(

I finished MooShu about 3 or 4 months ago. Wasn't too hard, all though there were pretty hard places like Crimson Fields, it takes awhile, let me tell ya, but anyway not too hard.

~Michael ThunderSpear
Lvl. 46 Pyromancer
SO CLOSE TO LVL. 47!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 02, 2008
OomAbysmal wrote:
Hello there,
We have same character name but not all.
I have three character who finish Mooshu now.

Olivia Green ( Life School Level 50 )
Olivia Red ( Fire School Level 45 )
Olivia Blue ( Ice School Level 45 )

I am really wonder why your level is too low because you should be at level 42 or 44 when you finish Mooshu but in case you finish all quest too.
So don't forget to do side quest too :)

Really? I finished at level 40!

Oct 25, 2008
Dec 13, 2008
I beat moo shu twice! One time with level 50 Death Hunter Wildthorn and a second time with level 48 Myth Austin JadeBlade

Dec 12, 2008
Feb 01, 2009
~Madeline FireDreamer~ finished mooshu lvl 42 currently a lvl 43 wasted my lvl 40 training point on elemental blade and sad cause cant find oysters [ btw i Fire/Storm]

Dec 20, 2008
I have completed Mooshu and is half way threw DS. I f you need help you can send me a friend request. My character name is Luke Mythshade. :D

Feb 07, 2009
Jacob ThunderSong, lvl 40 wizard.

Currently a death wizard still trying to defeat
Cyrus Drake to get into DS.

Dec 23, 2008
I finish mooshu really fast it was easy

Paul DarkBlade lvl 45 myth

I'm already in dragon spyre and I just started and I'm almost done lol