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Where is Din Ho?

Aug 10, 2009
I have the Cave of Solitude quest and two of the three teleports activated (fish and butterfly). No matter what I do the quest arrow continues to lead me from teleporter to teleporter - and neither of them take me to the location of the quest...

When I run past a teleporter the arrow simply leads me to the next teleporter location- does someone know what area it's in or how I can access it without the teleporters?


Jul 04, 2009
Always pull up your map "M" and look for where you need to go before proceeding. As long as you are in the correct area (i.e. any part of the Cave of Solitude) you can call up your map and see who and what is where.

The Arrow Guide is notorious for pointing in the wrong direction, or pointing straight at the target while ignoring the fact that you can't proceed at a straight line to it.

May 04, 2009
This is a bug in Mooshu that they are supposed to be working on. If you used the teleporter in Cave of Solitude, for some reason your quest helper won't work right. It keeps pointing you back to the teleporter locations. You will need to look at your map and use your map to get around.

Din Ho is in the Shirataki Temple.

From the Jade Palace, go to Shoshun Village. Then go to Shirataki Temple.
(You'll need to follow on your map.)

Aug 10, 2009
Thanks for the replies.

Actually it seemed I hadn't completed some of the quests leading up to this one. Once they were done the quest arrow showed the way from Jade Palace.