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What the Heck is going on inthe final battle?

Jan 01, 2009
Ok, I wish I could add the screen shots to show my points, but something seems wrong in the Land Of Mooshu.

First, this isn't my first time through this barbeque. I have a Lvl 50 Necro that passed through here and saw none of this, possibly because I finished it too quickly.

I am on the Jade Oni Battle, with a level 43 Life/Storm/Myth.

First. Throughout the battle I am seeing the Word "INTERRUPT" appear center screen and above the Jade Oni. What this means, I have no clue.

Second. The Jade Oni is grabbing double attacks. It casts a Unicorn to heal then immediately also gets a second attack to cast a blade/trap or attack card before the turn indicator spins to me.

Third. As time progresses the War Oni, Plague Oni, and I suppose the Death Oni appear and stroll into the attack. I had to flee when the plague oni appeared because I was out of cards.

Fourth. They seem to get multiple magic attacks as well, because as the round starts, before any attacks have been cast - a flame diamond, like fire elf or heck hound lasting attacks, appears at my feet and starts doing damage.

This battle is hard enough for a life wizard as it is. I think these additional handicaps have gone too far.

Jan 01, 2009
Thanks for your response, I saw that and other related posts after I made mine. I completely disagree with how itwas done, but in principal making the battles more difficult is alright I guess, although there are other things to fix first. I will make my suggestions and comments there.