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What badge do you get for defeating the Death Oni?

May 31, 2009
I want to know i am in the Village of Sorrow. I know you get Peacemaker from War Oni, The Purifyier(i don't know how to spell it) from Plague Oni, and Oni Slayer from Jade Oni. I really wanna know what badge i'm gonna get so some one please answer my question.

Chris Ashshade, lvl 39, Peacemaker
Fred Frost, lvl 13, Wizard City Protector

Oct 14, 2009
Unfortunately, none. Peacemaker actually comes from doing certain side quests. Not sure about The Purifier, but it doesn't come from the Plague Oni.

May 02, 2009
actually, for the other oni badges besides oni slayer, you not only have to defeat that certain oni, but you have to do all the side quests for that area.

i.e. For the one In Yoshihitio Temple, you have to defeat the Death Oni(or as they call him, oni no death), and do the side quests in that area(I think the Mossback, WaveBringer and OakHeart quest chain).