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Welcome to MooShu!

Mar 19, 2010
Queenlillia56 wrote:
meglog wrote:
starz0777 wrote:
what level do you have to be to got to mooshu
well, you dont need to be lvls, you gotta earn it, by beating krokotopia, then marleybone, then mooshu then etc. But usually your about lvl 32 to 35 at least
I was a level 37

-Scarlet Willow
Master Sorcerer
Prod Balance Student
LVL 41

I was lvl 42 :P
Cole DragonBlood lvl 60
Aedan SummerShield lvl 38

Feb 10, 2010
I love Mooshu! Such a peaceful environment! The landscapes, music and characters make it so welcoming and serene! :D Thumbs way up for making this enchanting world!

Jun 02, 2011
So far I am loving "Mooshu" it is awesome!! I have even acquired some "new" friends to game with. I had not actually gotten the task to do the death oni yet but A friend that I had just made needed help so I went and helped them and actually finished part of a quest. And I got an idea of the difficulty of the oni.

I look forward to my future quests.

I agree. I was dragged into a battle in Moo Shu the other day, when I was doing a quest in Krokotopia. I was at level 28 only and entered a battle with a boss with more than 6000 health! Ironically it was me who finished the battle :-)

Apr 25, 2010
i passed mooshu 4 times with my legend storm legend balance legend life and myth not legend

Jun 29, 2009
Emo275 wrote:
i have a question about mooshu. Since i'm a level 41 balance wizard, i was wondering what level do you get out of mooshu and go to dragonspyre?
i would like to get answers very soon! :)
you can only get out of mooshu if you complete the storyline ( help the emperer, defeat jade oni, etc.) i'm a GRANDMASTER at this and still on mooshu. so if you complete it, thats when you'll get out. You're friend, Alyssa Moonriver
lvl 50 ice wizard
KI rocks!!!!!!!!!
Peace, hope you like the game!

Jun 29, 2011
How do you get a sword? I have bolt blade but want a longer sword. Andrew Legendsword Level 33

Jun 02, 2010
I have finished Marleybone but still can't get into Mooshu I am a member can anyone please explain how to get in there?