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Village of Sorrow

Dec 13, 2008
I'm not sure if the tech people are aware but I do believe you need to take a look at the village of sorrow area...... you can hardly move there. I don't have any problem in any other area of the game but here.

Please look into it because I have a char I'm trying to level and it's very hard when you can't move :(

Thank you

Feb 18, 2009
Hey Spicygiggles,
I had this same problem when I first came to the Village of Sorrow. I can give you a few helpful hints that may or may not help ya.

1) Try turning off your Tracker Arrow. It lags people's computers at times

2) Try dumping everything that is not "Equipped" to that character into your bank before going into that area. Sometimes the lagging can be caused by too much stuff in your backpack. I know it sounds weird but some of the computers out there have problems with games like these when there's so much stuff to filter through every second.

Now I tried both of these and they helped on my son's computer, but didn't on mine.....so I contacted Mr. Lincoln.....

3) I reported this to Mr. Lincoln and he so graciously walked me through the updates I needed for my computer (which is less than two years old) in order to get through this. Try going to the "Help & Support" section on your left and leave an email for Mr. Lincoln. If anyone can help you.....He can.

See ya in the Spiral,
Hunter SilverHeart

Dec 13, 2008
My computer is very up to date. In fact the first thing I thought of when I first saw this problem was maybe my graphic's card needed updating but I did that and there's still a problem.

The bottom line here is... It's not my computer it is the game. My husband and I sit right beside each other playing he had the problem. Also last night I asked a couple of other people if they were having issues also and they were to.

There is a problem but it is the game. There are to many people having this problem for it to be a computer issue :) I will send that email regardless.

Thank you for your response it's to bad tho that someone responsible couldn't have responded.

May 06, 2009
Is the problem that you are getting stuck on an invisible point on the ground? There is a spot in Ravenwood that seems to do this right in front of Bartleby, and I've heard it's been that way since the housing update (I'm a noob since then). Maybe it's the same problem?