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Trouble getting through the Cave of Solittude

Jun 06, 2009
If you've explored it, you know there's a bunch of floating rocks connected by bridges. But why does it have to be so hard getting across, seeing the elementals and krakens walking around. And why can't those krakens just move? He stands right in front of one, and while your waiting, something else crawls/floats behind you and your in a battle. Anyway, I mark the end. So when I port back I have to get rid of one fifth of my mana to mark it again. And going back to talk to that Goat is kind of hard, and I get pulled sometimes. :( Why can't it just be like Newgate Prison, and they stay on their rocks. . I don't always get pulled, but this just takes forever. Please give me some advice :(

Kenneth G.
Level 38 Theurge