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Tomugawa the Evil

Jul 03, 2018
Hello there and welcome to my guide on defeating Tomugawa the Evil in Mooshu! Listed below is what I used and my tactics on defeating him.

Tactics: His minion is a storm with 700 health. He is the stronger hit so be sure to kill him before you focus on the boss. Once you defeat the minion, heal if you need to then worry about the boss which has 1,950 (?) health.

Cards: Ice shield, death shield, centaur, satyr, life blade, life/death/myth blade, and a few wand hits. I earned a certain spell which is "Hephaestus" but not many will have that so I did not add it in my list of spells everyone else has access to.

This guide is mainly for life wizards, however I would love to help others if you are stuck on this fight! The tactic portion has been proven to work by many others so if you attempt and fail the first time, try this method out and see if you get a better result. I hope this helped!

**This is a solo fight only. Please be aware!**

Yours truly, Matthew