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tomugawa the evil

Mar 10, 2009
taht guy is so so so so so so so so so (takes breath) so so so so so hard! it ahs taken me 36 tries (i am on my 37 try) to get the spirit cage! i really wish people could help :( :( :(

Jun 01, 2010
if you need help these are the only things i can give you

1. if you use crowns buy minions from crown shop

2. get help from a friend or someone whos on the same que

Apr 26, 2009
i think it was easy but your best choices are what ripshed sad buy a minion or get a friend

Chris LifeFriend
master life wizard
lvl 49 life wizard

Sep 16, 2009
chipper632 wrote:
taht guy is so so so so so so so so so (takes breath) so so so so so hard! it ahs taken me 36 tries (i am on my 37 try) to get the spirit cage! i really wish people could help :( :( :(

Hard? What school are you? I am death and I have always soloed him. I am Death School - I shorten my deck, and my only offensive spell is Wraith. I use Death Prism, then Death Trap (the order of those two is important) and then Feint on him, and Death Blade on my character. That one shots him easily.

Aug 06, 2010
Yup, this is a solo fight only. I just did this on my death at level 41 last night and got it the first time around. I always take out the minion first so it's one less guy hitting you. With death, we can heal and hit at the same time, but I thought he was death too, and relied mostly on my second school myth spells on him and feints.

Nice move by ccrashh! But I didn't have my level 42 Wraith spell yet...

The trouble with big hits is sometimes waiting on pips and you're getting hit each round. And not everyone has feint... You can load on heals, shields, traps, and blades. But you can also get treasure cards that add to your hits like monstrous.

If you really need help, and can't buy a henchman in the crown shop, your regular minion should help. You can do this solo - definitely.

Good luck! :)

Nora RavenSong lvl 60 balance
Ellie NightWeaver lvl 42 death
Lenora LionHeart lvl 37 myth
Lenora DrakeMancer lvl 19 fire

Mar 10, 2009
i beat him a few minutes after this post! i am now on dragonspyre trying to defeat zarathax

thx all who helped though!

Luke DeathBlade, lvl 43 Pyromancer

Mar 02, 2009
Really? I am balance and I just summoned my minion, shielded, took out his minion, then used judge with too blades and trap. He barely ever touched me, lost maybe 400/2000 health.

Oct 09, 2010
If your life, it is somewhat easier to solo him. (Considering I soloed him)
I think it took about 2 centaurs (with trap & blade) to kill just HIM off, then I used another centaur to kill the minion.

PS. He is NOT impossible! Keep trying! ;)

Mar 27, 2010
I solode tamagawa just today, and gues what, I beat him. Here is what you have to do:

1}Enter Battle

2}summen a minion when you have a chance, if he dies, summen him again.

3}Use tough and monstoures treasure cards to boost up spells

4}Build up charms and traps

5}Heal only when neaded

Fallow these steps and you should win. :D :D :D

lvl 41 pyromancer
Hunter Wild Horn