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The Shiritaki Temple.

Apr 15, 2010
When i was questing, I came up to the Shiritaki temple quest. I was to the part of the shrines,and on the last shrine it wouldnt work. Me and my friend kept trying to leave then come back, But it wouldnt work. So we had to restart the dungeon all over again. And it happened again,I dont know what it is,But theres something wrong with the last shrine. Even if i do the shrines in different orders, The one thats last always has a problem.

Feb 14, 2010
That's happened to me a few times now too. The answer I got is that you have to get to the shrines in order, Earth, Air, Fire,Spirit. The last time I did that I accidentally poked my head in the wrong shrine without doing the battle part and it didnt' work. So I'm going to try again, hopefully it'll let me get through this time

May 20, 2010
They should be done in a specific order. Doing them in a different order will often result in a bug. Start the quest over and do them as follows:

Talk to Din Ho.
Activate Earth Shrine.
Activate Air Shrine.
Activate Fire Shrine.
Activate Spirit Shrine.
Fight Wavebringer.