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Technical problems?

May 05, 2010
I was working on hamestu village and this guy said: go defeat otomo (something) and get these attack. So I went where the arrow lead me to, And there was nothing!! Is there something I have to do first or just a glitch? Plz reply ....

Creatures often walk a pathway through an area, and the quest helper will point you to the pathway - it's up to you to find them from there.

You may also want to consult your map, as often creatures are marked on the map. You can quickly access your map by pressing M in the game when you're not in a duel.

Apr 07, 2010
One time I ported back to jade place right, but when I did My wizard run really fast and went back to the place i ported from and i was in a battle.Another time was when I got a quest to defeat jade oni when i got done every time it said did not collect it i was puzzled i did it like a million times wizard101 please fix your game. :D