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Talking flowers

Dec 02, 2008
Here's an interesting and amusing glitch. Get the quest Forest Flowers, late in the Cave of Solitude part of the main storyline. Also get the quest The Jade Lotus from Lok Soo Chang in Ancient Burial Grounds. The latter has no prerequisite. Don't pick any of the flowers from either before getting both quests. Go try to pick a jade lotus.

The jade lotus says "What can I do for you?", which is presumably a default text line if nothing else is put in. It brings up two options on a bar to click, like when choosing which quest to take from an NPC. Neither option has an icon or any text.

Oct 17, 2008
Funny. I am tempted to try this out to confirm if it is true or not, but if one of them is part of the main storyline then I do not want to get stuck on it. My question is, is there anyway out of it? Can you still complete the quests? If not, then it should be fixed really soon.

Dec 02, 2008
It doesn't get you stuck. It gives you a menu and you click an option and it gives you credit for the flower on at least one of the quests. Once you've collected the flowers for one of the quests, it stops doing this.

Nov 04, 2008