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sword wands

Feb 14, 2009
I got to mooshu thinking I could get a sword wand like the sanimeroo
and I was disappointed t find i couldn't. so all I want is a cool wand t buy with coins

Aug 10, 2011

Heres some mooshu wands. Look and choose some you like. They also have some at the bazaar. But the "sanimeroo" Sword looking things are 40+ and No auctin (Bazaar is the auctin house, So you can't sell the swords things so no one sells them, Which means you can't make one pop up and buy one. which means you gotta farm for them. Death Oni, Jade oni, (Rare) Plague Oni, etc.

I have the Death Oni one, it looks so cool to me!

Alura Mythshade level 50 Necromancer
Calamity OrgeBlossom level 31 Theurgist
Cheryl Trollcaster level 41 Pyromancer