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stuck on a quest

Mar 07, 2009
ok so i have been doing this quest called battle of evermore in the crimson fields I defeated 5 enemys so far in the battlefield. so my dad needed to use the computer it kind of logged me out then when i logged back in the quest i was working on it could not be finished because there were no enemys in the battlefield i tried talking to everybody but nothing i tried even logging out to see if i would start the quest all over again but nothing please i need you help i am stuck there and i am subcribed i do not want to keep wasting money day by day doing nothing please help :(

May 09, 2009
Crimson Fields is an instance dungeon so the fact that you logged out and came back in means it reset and you will have to start the whole instance over again not just the "Battle of Evermore" part. That means gathering up the wood for the ramparts, saving the lookouts, and summoning the two golems to stand at the entrances. (There may be another but you get the idea)

Mar 07, 2009
A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
It is best when entering the longer Instances to be ready for a hour to two hour run. Best way to do this is to go to your dad, and ask him, as a responsible adult, if he will need to use your toy (ie, the computer) for the next two hours....then hold him to his word.

Parental display of: Planning & forethought, honor & keeping your word, etc.