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Statue of Hyottoko

Apr 03, 2010
Ok, does this statue still drop?

I've done Tree of Life 100+ times and no luck. I just got a reply from KI that it drops with the Oni... but central says it's dropped from Kagemoosha, the boss before the Death Oni.

I'd prefer a response by one of the mods, aka, Prof Greyrose.

It's the last statue I need for my collection, sooooo.... it would be absolutely amazing to get a concrete answer.

Feb 14, 2010
If you have really done it 100 times why are you just getting around to ask about it now? I have never seen KI give a definite answer about any drop in the game so don't hold your breath.
You will just have to do your own research and make your own determination about whether it is a viable task.
I have most of the statues but have never tried farming for this one so I can't really offer you any advice about it.

Sep 14, 2009
As far as I know, the Oni drops it, but I might be wrong.

-The Silverblades