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Spectral Minion?

Oct 17, 2008
Hello fellow wizards! I am having a little trouble getting my spectral minion spell (I'm almost level 42, and you get the quest at 38!). It says to go to the "Cave of Solitude" and find the "Green Pagoda". I am 99% sure I found it, but the quest won't advance. My theory is that because I'm a little high level for where I am in MooShu (I like porting to random friends and helping them), and haven't actually gotten there with the main quest to go in the tower, it isn't working. Help would be appriciated, because I am baffled!

Kyle Thundershard, Master of Balance

"Without balance, there is only chaos."

May 20, 2010
Use your quest list and read the clues.

Make sure the quest arrow is turned on. CTRL+T turns it on and off.