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Side quests

Dec 11, 2012
I just started my first life wizard and i decided to skip the side quests, up until i got to mooshu then i realized i was just to low level. So i decided i would do them, but then i noticed that i couldn't get any side quests at all. None of the people that give them had the above there heads, i just finished the first area and still no . In mb, kt, and wc i could get side quests, but now i can't get any. Why is this???

Jun 04, 2011
This shouldn't be the case! You can always go back and do side quests! I suggest you look up SPECIFIC side quests from specific people and find those people in the game. Side quests are a big help when you're a low level, and I definitely used them when I needed a little xp boost!

Let me know if I helped!

Mackenzie Stormblade Lvl. 98 Promethean Diviner

Sep 17, 2012
Jun 16, 2011
In your backpack you have you Quest section, at the last page of your quests you should have a Quest Finder icon, click on that and I am sure you can find some quests in MooShu. Hope this helped

Elizabeth level62

Apr 27, 2009
Yes, the quest finder is designed to find side quests you have missed. Just click on it and it should lead you to someone who has a side quest. Hope this helped!!!!

Cassandra Mistsinger Level 44