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Should I Side Quest or Not?

Jul 08, 2012
Well, it honestly doesn't matter much now sense my membership has expired and I won't be able to renew it for a unknown ammount of time, but this question has bothered me sense I started Wizard101; should I side quest or not?

When I first started Wizard101, I accepted every single quest that was offered to me, regardless of wheter it was part of the main storyline or not. But I soon found out that this can become very tiedious and can leave me in the same area for a long time. A player who stuck to the main storyline could finish Wizard City and a good portion of Krokotopia alone in a couple of hours whereas it would take me a couple of days...

So after I finished Wizard City I vowed to nearly never side quest. I always did Prospector Zeke's quest whenever offered, but that was about it. Now I'm in Mooshu, and I've still kept my vow. The only problem is that I'm only a level 31, which, I've been told, is very early for Mooshu.

The pro, I guess, is that I'm usually at a higher level when I finish an area or world than someone else who just sticks to the main storyline, I get a tad more treasures than others who stick to the main storyline, and I get higher ranked spells earlier on in the game.

There is only one con, but it's large enough to outweigh all the pros; IT. TAKES. SO. LONG.

So, all I'm asking is for your oppinions. Should I continue on sticking to the main storyline, or should I backtrack to the other worlds of the spiral and complete side quests?

~Malorn DeathSword~
~Magus Necromancer~