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Should I be at this level?

May 06, 2009
I am a level 38 1/2 balance student and I am in the tree of life, am I too low of a level? I want to see if I should do more side quests. My friend is level 40 and she thinks she is too low of a level. Anyway tell me if you think I'm a good/bad/decent level.

May 20, 2010
It depends on where in Mooshu you are. Regardless, you should do all of your side quests (except Grizzleheim). The experience is helpful.

Feb 05, 2010

Im not in mooshu yet but im VERY close im working on the bigben clocktower

Oct 05, 2010

i am 32 pyro and i just started it (big ben is iritateing, even more so when you find out that you have to do the dungeon agian for a stupid overlooked stray cat) and so far i have been doing good

Sep 04, 2008
im level 29 -30 and i just started Mooshu, but im wondering if i should be at this level, i dont want to conitue on this world untill i am i higher level, should i do Gizzleheim and side quests or counitue on this world?

Dec 05, 2010
Well, I think you're all on a level that's too low, but that's not saying much because I was on level 31 when I entered Mooshu.

Feb 20, 2010
Ok guys i have defeated mooshu my fair share of times so i know what level you should be. A normal starting level should be about level 34 or 35. About at the tree of life you should be around level 41. I have a balance who is starting mooshu at level 47 but that is because i did cl dungeons to level him. My storm and death started mooshu around level 35 and were at tree of life around 41. A good place for you guys to level is go back and do any side tasks that give a significant about of xp. Hope this helps!

Blake ThunderShield level 60 Death
Austin RavenDust level 60 Storm
Blake ShadowFlame level 47 Balance

Dec 05, 2010
If you don't think you're high enough, start planting Pink Dandelions. got to level up on my first harvest! It made me level up to level 38 when I was only on level 37. I didn't even have to do anything, but plant the Pink Dandelion.

Katherine GoldCaster
Level 38
Magus Diviner

P.S. Pink Dandelions are common drops.