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Shoshun Village?

Aug 14, 2009
I don not like SHOSHUN VILLIAGE it stinks i always die because of those deaseased water spirits and the kraken looking thing the thing i do not like the most is the bridges to the next platform cause the monsters can go right on the bridges and you get stuck on the side and then you are in a fight i HATE it KI needs to make them at least not go on the bridges i am not saying that you need to do it but if you can i would be pleased and also if anyone knows a trick how to get through them easy i would be thankful

Alexander Lionsword: Magus Pyromancer

Mar 12, 2010
For me, getting across those bridges took a lot of patience.

I waited to see the "pattern" for how those guys moved. Then I would pick one that had the largest "gap" between him and the next guy. And I would walk right behind that guy, making sure that I didn't slow down too much so that I wouldn't get caught by the guy behind me.

It took a little longer to get across the bridges, but at least I didn't get pulled in.

One other thing -- when I talked to the guy in the center there (forgot his name) and he gave me a quest, I would "mark the spot" for him, so then I had to cross the bridges only once -- going out -- not coming back.

Oops -- one more thing -- activate the teleporters for that area. They were a lifesaver.

Feb 13, 2010