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Shojiro Gama says talk to Hoi Mang

Apr 20, 2011
When Shojiro Gama directed me to talk to Hoi Mang, the quest that shows up is "Defeat War Oni" and the quest arrow directs me to War Oni. I went to Hoi Mang anyway, but he had nothing say. I returned to Shojiro Gama but he had nothing to say either. I have no idea what should transpire between speaking with Hoi Mang and Defeating War Oni.

This is a dungeon. I'm have to restart it, I guess.

I noticed on the message board that there was a earlier problem in 2010 where you couldn't get the main quest"Defeat War Oni" from Shojiro Gama. I suspect whoever "fixed" that problem created this one. :(

Apr 20, 2011
This is stranger than I thought. Shojiro isn't even in that dungeon. He's on the other side. So, it's truly a bug. When you go to the fort, the guy there isn't Shojiro. At some point, Shojiro's there. I think it's a serious problem.

Ok we checked your quest log and it appears you've moved on from this quest, but I did a little digging anyway and here's what I found.

When you talk to Shojiro Gama in Hametsu Village, he directs you to talk to Hoi Mang at the front of Crimson Fields. This quest is called "To the Front"

When you enter Crimson Fields, and talk to Hoi Mang, he gives you TWO quests, one is called "To the Front" and is to Defeat the War Oni. The other is called "The General" and requires you to talk to Rikugun Mikawa. (who, incidentally, looks a lot like Shojiro Gama)

Before you can gain access to the War Oni, you must complete Rikugun Mikawa's tasks. Only then will he let you past and through the dojo to the War Oni's locations.