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Shirataki Temple

Jul 08, 2010
I am on the Level 38 Storm Quest for it. It's not really fun but I gotta get that spell somehow. I have defeated the Plague Oni before with a friend. Here's a walkthrough in the dungeoun. When you get in the dungeon you can't talk to Din Ho until you defeat some person on the other end of the dungeon. You just go past the lever and keep running until you see a building. Battle the person and go back to the lever. When you go back you can finally use it. The gate will open and you can go on. When you get to Din Ho he will ask you to go to the elemental shrines. Use quest helper or your map to get there and battle all four "monstors" and activate the shrines. Then, go back to Din Ho and Wavebringer is summoned. Defeat him and go up the stairs ahead. A monster is there(not the plague oni yet) that you have to defeat. When you defeat him the Plague Oni shows up and then you have to defeat him. I suggest you take potions. I have to do the quest twice since I'm a storm wizard. Well I hope this helps with all of the problems your having!
-Kayla Magus 38 Storm Wizard
-Emma Stardus Journeyman 16 Life Wizard

Jun 10, 2010
8drybones8 wrote:
where is the oyster

i dont have the quest yet but i want to know any way
where is the shirataki temple oyster?
also i want to know where the tree of life oyster is too

the shiratki temple oyster is right when you enter the main area with wavebringer by a gong or something but its BEFORE the door that lets you fight the oni

the tree of life oyster is behind the tree of life AFTER you defeat oni no death IE death oni