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Samoorai Spell Drop

Jul 13, 2012
I'm trying to get the Samoorai spell for my balance wizard and I've heard that Shoji drops it. However, I have fought him numerous times without any luck. Has anyone else obtained the spell from Shoji? Also, do you have to be a certain level to get it? Thanks.

May 22, 2009
Yes Shoji does drop that spell. Sometimes it takes awhile for it to drop. When I farmed for that spell, I got it fairly quickly, yet the Ninja Pig spell took me much longer. Just keep trying, just don't make it a focus of your entire game time.

When I farm for a specific item, I make sure i leave my wizard at the spot where I am farming. I fight the boss a few times, before checking garden, pet training, and questing. It may take me longer than someone who fights the same boss over and over again, but at least I am not giving up my entire game time for an item that may or may not drop.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 80 Life