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Samoorai From Shoji?

Aug 25, 2013
Does anyone know if the spell is still available? I have been farming on my girlfriend's balance character in an attempt to get the spell for her. Out of curiosity I have kept count since I started. 195 battles with Shoji later, still no Samoorai drop. Is this just bad luck or is Samoorai no longer available as a drop from Shoji?

Ok So Update!

I actually got Samoorai exactly on #200. just had to be a bit more persistent I suppose. Guess I should have listen to the Ice School Motto eh?

Dec 13, 2008
Yea shoji has samoorai its just pure luck man my ice got it randomly helping a friend in a dungeon just have to be patient getting something I have bad luck and it took a month to get the youkai elegant storm boots so yea extremely bad luck lol

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