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Questing help

Nov 06, 2011
I'm working in MooShu and its not easy (for me at least) and I've only gotten to Tatakai Outpost with defeating Maito (and yes I have been doing the story line quests) but I need someone to help me through it all.

Amber Firegem
level 38 Pyromancer

Ah yes, Maito is an opponent I have run into in the past. My home world of MooShu is plagued by powerful adversaries. I am ever grateful to you for working to save my world.

With careful spell selection, I believe you can prevail. Be sure to learn or train shields in all schools. When you are going up against a powerful foe, see what school they are and add shields to your deck for that school and remove shields for other schools. If your foe is a Storm school you may want to try two types of storm shields (for example Galacial Shield and Volcanic Shield). If you only have one type of storm shield then you can cast many of them to guard against multiple attacks, but one big attack will hit you hard. If you have more than 2 storm shields you run the risk of stacking too many and having them all pop from one spell, leaving you shieldless for the next attack.

Shielding first is important. But also important is bringing out your minion. The fire minion is a very powerful tool. If you can put enough minions in your deck so that you can cast it as early as possible you will get the most benefit.

Then of course the Fireblade spell is very important. Zero pips to boost your spell.

As a pyromancer, do not underestimate Fire Elf.

Good luck! And tell us how your battles are going!

Sep 02, 2011
Been all over the tree of life area and completed it several times but still can't find the oyster. Any suggestions?

Aug 10, 2011
dreamdustergirl wrote:
Been all over the tree of life area and completed it several times but still can't find the oyster. Any suggestions?

Hi- I havent been here in a while, but i remember finding the oyster- for the sake of the oyster i went back in this place. Lol.

So come in tree of life yes, When you reach the monk-goat-ish-looking NPC go the other side of the tree of life, Not the entrance of the tree of life. facing it on the other side, turn around, make sure your back is facing the Tree of Life and not your face, now go up (Dont go left or right just plain up) and you found the grayish glowing Oyster!
Sorry if i am Confusing.... I know it is. Its kinda hard to explain....

Hope i helped!!

Alura Mythshade level 50 Necromancer
Calamity Orgeblossom level 35 Theurgist
Cheryl Trollcaster level 41 Pyromancer

May 14, 2011
The quests in Mooshu that say defeat 10 of a monster (0 of 10) are a bit boring. It takes a long time.

~ Carlos Myth-Stalker ~
Master Pyromancer
Level 40