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quest help plz

Mar 10, 2009
for a quest i need to defeat tomugawa and wont let anyone help me
i have been trying for almost three hours now and cant defeat him
i am a storm wizard
any tips or ideas on how to kill him
plz plz help
getting very frustrated

Dec 10, 2008
I would say look for what class HE is, if hes Ice, use Fire. If hes Death, use Life. If hes fire, I'd try using storm. Looks like I forgot to study!

With good luck,

Adrian Thunderblood

Apr 17, 2009
Go back to wizard city and get some tough cards (treasure card that adds 75 to damage). Go to unicorn park and fight the first creature you encounter. Fill up your treasure deck with the tough card and only have the triton card (kraken or stormzilla of not) in your regular deck. Use the tough card on the other card and make powered version of the card. Go back and fight your boss with those cards in your treasure deck. Use your trap and blade spells (including the elemental ones from niles if you can), and boom around 5000 damage. May also need some healing spells, either fairy or satyr if you can. This has been working well for me.