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problem with plague oni in temple

Nov 20, 2011
got killed in temple went back there but its not there wont appear again but it still tells me i have to defeat it cant do any other quest help please

Aug 10, 2011
Possible answers to your problem.

1. Someone already defeated him in the Dungeon.
2. You alredy defeated him but the Minion killed you.
3. Its a glitch and you must go back to Jade Palace, log out and in and go back and see if hes there.
4. You must start over.
5. The thing didnt load that well.
6. You are avoiding the Shirataki Temple and trying to go in buildings that dont have a quest in them.
7. Your turned your Compass off and are confused with the buildings (Relates to 6?)
8. You teleported to a friend in Shirataki Temple and got killed, you tryed to go in the entrance way and you didnt have access.
9. You really dont need to go to Shirataki Temple, but you have a Mossback (Side quest) That will turn into a Storyline Quest shortly in Dragonspyre.
10. This is a joke?
11.(Extra answer! yayyyzzz!) Your getting confused with the storyline quest and your Spell or Side quest to to go defeat the Plague Oni. (The level 38 life spell quest requires Plague Oni, and the level 48 Balance spell requires its, too; I think these are the only two.).

Oct 24, 2010